A Message to Pastors and Music Ministers

“allow God’s tender voice to acquaint you with Cricket Lee, and your church will experience revival…”
Terry Davis

In this day and age we are all bombarded with letters, cards and alluring sweepstake promises that generally equal nothing but wasted important time.  However, the stroke of God’s pen occasionally touches a piece of paper that can radically change one’s life, perhaps bringing someone across our paths that exude with joy and the anointing.

Often the Lord raises up out of the crowds an unusual, possibly unlikely person so full of His desire and hope, that we are accelerated light years into His presence.  They have no gimmick nor professional buttons, only the transparent,  honest and talented voice of one precious lady who lives to give back to people what the Father has so blessed them with.

Cricket’s testimony is so touching that many have come to the church’s altar through conviction and the assurance of God’s unconditional love for everyone.

Please pray and allow God’s tender voice to acquait you withCricket Leeand your church will experience revival, shattered lives will be mended and marriages will encounter a new beginning.

Cricket and Dennis Lee are committed to helping you and your church be encouraged and healed.

Terry Davis
Former Pastor
Church At The Crossroads