Here’s what others are saying about Cricket Lee Ministries….

Our experience with Cricket was one that enjoyed the presence of the Holy Spirit in a was that brought many to their knees at the altar.  She came and submitted herself to the leadership of the Lord.  We were encouraged.  I heartily recommend Cricket.  She is a blessing anywhere she’s given the opportunity to be used of the Lord.

Bill Smith, Pastor Blackwood Congregational Christian Church, Headland, AL

We were privileged to have Cricket minister in music, testimony and praise.  Her extraordinary talent combined with an altar invitation was very effective in touching the spiritual soul.  We’ve booked her back and recommend you to do the same!

Elbert Osteen, Pastor and Bill Lloyd, Music Director First Southern Methodist Church, Albany, Georgia

Dear Cricket, Blessings to you and your husband for your obedience and faithfulness as you ministered at our home church, Gonzalez United Methodist Church.  It was truly a “God Moment” as you gave God’s call for couples to come to the altar.  I am up early this morning beginning a new path of prayer and praise for my husband and me.  To God be the glory!

Together in His harvest, Jody Neufeld

Who can cheer the heart like Cricket Lee?  She is contagious!  Her victorious walk at home and in business, comes from her relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is a spirit filled Christian who ministers life wherever she goes.  Let me commend to all people this happy, spunky, enthusiastic, beautiful, talented minister of Christ.  Pastors and music directors would do their people a favor by inviting her to their church.  All who hear her are refreshed, inspired, and motivated. A True “Cricket Fan”

Dr. Jerry Spencer Former President, Southern Baptist Pastors Conference